Thawas Solid Wood 4-Seater Dining Table With Walnut Finish



About this item

  • Dimension : Four Seater Dining Table : 1.2 m x 0.75 m x 0.74 m
  • It is engineered wood with smooth surface with no grain makes it easier to work and paint. It is resistance to termite and wood borer.
  • Rubber wood and is durable, strong, tough and resilient. It is easy to take care of being more stain resistant.
  • Rubber is burn-resistant, particularly if the heat source is a cigarette butt. Besides, it is non-toxic and won’t release toxic fumes into the air when there’s a fire and good shock absorber property Natural wood Veneer is pasted on the MDF parts to have a natural appearance of Solid wood for extendable durability.
  • Completed with a melamine finish for making the furniture scratch and stain resistant. Completed with an additional layer of coating to make the furniture heat resistant. This helps to enhance looks & helping to increase durability. Solidwood is stained & covered with protective layer for making the furniture scratch, heat and stain resistant helping to increase durability. All panels are pretreated with industry standard chemical composition thereby making the core resistant to termite, borer and other mites. Wood is Kiln dried & excess moisture content is removed. This is to ensure warping, cracking of wood & improve durability. Wood is Fumigated to erradicate Borer and Termites. Solid wood components are fumigated before and after fabrication to eliminate mites infestation. MDF used is certified European Emission standard E2 grade, therby its certified safe for indoor furniture application. legs are enabled with built in PVC spacers to avoid direct contact with floor, thereby ensuring no direct contact with water, dust etc


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